Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quick Post.

Ember went to meet her dog trainer on Tuesday!  Rebecca Letson of was recommended to us by Tracy Sklenor.  She's local and does all phases of training and obedience that we are interested in.

She thought Ember was a well behaved and balanced pup who seemed fairly well socialized.  :D yay!  We decided to do 2 private lessons after her second set of shots to evaluate where she is and for Rebecca to really get to know her.  After that we signed her up for Performance Puppy classes!

Staring off at the agility obstacles that Rebecca had set up in her arena I can't help but see a larger Ember galloping around in the ring.  One day!  For now though we are just working our way through potty training and loving her to death.  

Next week we plan to start doing some of the exercises we saw in the Crate Games DVD, we can't wait! They look like fun! She already willingly runs into her crate to grab this or that toy and when she sees her food bowl she instantly runs into her crate and waits for us to deliver the goods. She sometimes still whines after we close her in if we can't keep an eye on her but the volume of the 'singing' has gone down and ends much sooner :) I think she's starting to get it and like it in her crate much more, we hope Crate Games improves on this even more. We recently introduced her to the downstairs den with it's fully carpeted floor and this has become her new absolute favorite place. The joys of racing around the floor at top speed with no fear of slipping is apparently quite intoxicating to Ember! This is the new play room and is a perfect location for some retrieving, that is of course after she gets over the initial excitement of carpet ;)

We also explored the bathtub today! Aimee put about 3 inches of luke warm water in the tub and with Ember watching from her lap she threw in some biscuits, feeding a couple to Ember here and there. As soon as she showed some desire to get in there for those tasty treats Aimee picked her up and set her in the water and sure enough she slowly and carefully waded over to the treats and tried to lap them up. When Ember decided she had had enough she tip toed over to the edge and we scooped her up. Good enough for now :) We didn't want to over whelm her. We will play in the tub some more in a few days, I think she liked it!

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  1. Lots of exciting plans for Ember!!! Will look forward to videos of her lessons. Great idea for getting her acclimated to water. By the summer, she'll be doing water retrieves :)