Friday, November 30, 2012

A treat for those who check the blog. :)

What have we been doing?  It's been busy around here and Ember has been doing Crate Games very enthusiastically.  We are at the stage where you hold her collar to build value and release her to run into the crate.  She loves it and really has fun with it!  Can't wait to move on to 'Change my mind', that looks really fun.

Things we are going to be mindful of:

  • getting Ember to release the tug toy.  She has a strong hold and doesn't release on command yet
  • keeping her enthusiasm up so she continues to bolt in and out of the crate
Often times after we are done she is not.  She's running back into the crate and sitting, hoping beyond hope to be treated again for her good behavior.  Then we feed her to transition her away from it.

Ember has steadily been meeting a new person or two every other day.  We really havn't socialized her with any dogs and we look forward to Dec. 7th when she finally gets her second set of shots.  At that point all sorts of fun things start to come into play.  Private obedience lessons, puppy classes and meeting other nice doggies.  Ember will get to see her Mom and Grandma during the holidays!  I'm sure she will have lots to share and be overjoyed to see the rest of her family.

At some point we are going to overhaul this blog when time permits.  A photo gallery would be nice, and some personalized styling.  Come on Josh! Get to work!


  1. According to our Scale... ember is 15.9 lbs. the reading fluctuates slightly, i should probably bust out our non digital scale for some assurance to the accuracy.

  2. Congratulations on your new puppy, Ember. She's a delight and love all your training stories and photos. We look forward to more Ember stories! What fun!

  3. Love the blog overhaul!
    Really love how smitten Josh is... I mean, What devotion to spell her name in leaves!! :-)