Wednesday, November 14, 2012

She's a Star With Everyone!

   It's hard to believe we have had Ember for only three days.  Somehow it feels like she has been with us since we moved into our little house.  She is fitting right in!  But don't ask us... ask the cats.

    The trio were incredibly interested in this recent home invader.  Antero (male Egyptian Mau looking kitty) being the lead feline went up and sniffed embers nose without issue and seems to accept her well enough.  Annie (orange tiger) took the opportunity to get some cuddle time in with Ember obviously glad to have another lady in the house!  Pepper (tuxedo) is also warming up to our new pup but is the most cautious of the bunch.

   All three cats have almost lost all of their initial concern with Ember and we have to lay most of the credit for that on Ember. She is very polite and as harmless in her approach as she could be and the cats really seem to recognize it.  In the hopes of coming to a truce with Ember, Pepper even offered his belly to her, and he is the most bashful of the bunch! So she must be doing something right :)

   We won't be letting them do anything more than brief meet and greets under close super vision just to be safe.  They all share the same temperament: very lovable and very curious.  We are hoping they will all make great friends  The fact that everyone is being polite is just more than we could have hoped for.  We keep everyone's nails trimmed or ground down.  We are not ready yet to let them have free run with Ember because it's still far too early.

     Ember has been quite a busy girl.  Today we took her over to Grandma Jones.  Ember was a little tuckered out from playing earlier and fell asleep in Grandma's lap for quite some time.  Grandma Jones has taken quite a liking to her and I think Ember is beginning to feel the same way.  :)

   Tomorrow we may let Ember experience a little water in the bathtub.  Not a soapy bath but just some inspection of a considerable pool of water.  Who knows, maybe she'll hop in. :)


  1. Ember is picking up the Come, Sit, and Down commands surprisingly well. In some instances we can get her to do it without treats.

    We need to work on the "stand" command more.

    We are stacking her once or more a day. she is tolerable of it. ;)

    Potty training is moving along. she will pee in the same spot every time. Pooping however is not so predictable. she kind of wants to go #2 where she wants to go... we are trying to bring that back around. at least its all outside!

    Ember is really aware of her name now. she will throw her head towards you when you say it. now working on saying it in a non lovey voice and getting the same reaction.

  2. Fun Fact: Our electronic WiFi scale registers Embers weight correctly... and has identified her if she sits on the scale and catalogues her weight onto an online graph. :)

    Another Fun Fact: i may be a bit crazy. :D

    it says 12.7 lbs... and then it flashes "Emb", i had to register her an email to be accepted by the scale. Too far? >:]

  3. And don't forget the retrieving games too! Busy girl - she'll be quite advanced by the time she starts kindergarten!

  4. Puppy Genius!! <3 her
    Love her and Gramma Jones