Monday, November 12, 2012

First Day Out

I suppose a detailed Blogpost once a day might feel like overkill, but we're excited!

Today was Ember's first day out with us.  After a perfectly silent evening and a morning of play we crated her up in the back of the car and took her out on the town.  She seems pretty bombproof, nothing seems to phase her .  We are still trying to work on getting her to focus on the asphalt when doing her business because she prefers the grass. That will have to be a work in progress.

She met a couple new folks today who couldn't help themselves and really, it's not hard to see why She could melt frozen stones with how cute she is.  After the car ride came home, she had lunch in her crate and she generally seems to be adjusting very well.  The cats are doing their best to observe this new thing that has taken up residence.  So far Antero has been the boldest and touched noses with her.  The rest are making strides already.

We introduced her to her dog bed today, and in good time because she was tuckered out from our little trip.

We decided on a 6:30-12:00-6:30 feeding schedule.

We have been working on eye contact.  It seems to not be a big deal for her as she will steal any moment she can to stare you down in hopes of climbing into your lap.  We are also working on getting her to respond to her name.  We went behind an obstruction and called her name and when she came over she got a treat.  When we call her name and she turns her head she gets a treat. She's getting good solid play and all the good stuff like tug, tag, chase and keeping a thought towards bite inhibition to control her mouthiness a little.  We have cautiously worked on some lite acclimation to the cats.  We give the cats treats to come near her but not too close and she learned to sit quietly and observe them.  Antero and Annie seem the least disturbed by her  followed by pepper and then the "Grey Beast".

And then there is the all powerful potty!

We get her to go to roughly the same place in the yard every time and we may put gravel there to keep working on getting her used to going on asphalt.  As of right now it's a small pile of leaves.

We crated her at home while we went to the home improvement store to get some separation time in.  She handles separation fairly well but not without some initial protest.

Forgive the annoying details, but this is as good a place as any to catalogue the little things for us and our breeder to go back and scrutinize ;)

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  1. Some may think it's is overkill... I dont! LOL :-)