Saturday, November 17, 2012

9 Weeks Old Today!

Lets start this of with some "Videos of Ember in Action!"

So yesterday came and went without a post!  To summarize; it was a relatively normal Ember day.  She still whines in her crate but eventually gets the point and settles down.

We had what we would call Ember's first "Big Girl Bark".  We have had the whole host of little whines, yelps, and moans when she's protesting her crate, but no real audible "barks".  Yesterday we took Ember out to do her business and she did so very quickly [number 2 sometimes takes a while though ;)].   She then looked immediately up at us and waited.  Usually she walks around checking out the yard and finding things to get into.  Not this time.  This time she sat there staring right at us, and finally surprised us with a real bark and then attempted in vain to jump into my arms but failed and leaped into my legs.  Points for bravery and self confidence, but you can't jump that high yet honey!  :)

Embers 'outing' for  yesterday was the Rite Aid parking lot while we grabbed a few things.  We kept Ember near the car because there's no way to tell where other dogs have been or peed.  Then we took her to see Grandma yet again.  Ember and her are developing quite a relationship.  Grandma likes having her sleep in her lap and Ember dozes off into a warm coma.  A full day of things to do and see.  She was very sleepy by the end and went right to bed without a sound.

Now onto today. Ember's 9 weeks old today!

She had some time home alone while Aimee and I went to see the movie "Lincoln"  the 9am showing was sold out, which promptly restored my faith in humanity.  The next showing was at 1pm which freed us up to take Ember to the Farmers Market!

We took Ember to one of the little farmers markets in our area. Aimee held her inside her coat with her head popping out.  People rushed over and, to our surprise, asked us if it was a weimaraner.  Many folks seemed to recognize the breed rather quickly and a couple people asked us if it was a gray labradore. Everyone was in love with her. Puppies really do have a bit of magic at their disposal, don't they?   The power to melt people... and force upon them ear to ear smiles.  Ember enjoyed the attention.  The Market was a little loud with hustle and bustle and about the time Ember had decided she was done with it, we just made it back to the car.

1 pm finally rolled around and we left Ember home while we took in the film.  The film by the way was awesome.  Daniel Day Lewis is not human.  He is a changeling/chameleon who can assume any character he so chooses.  Stephen Colbert had it right... just shape an Oscar to look like Daniel Day Lewis, and then present him with it.

We forgot to take pictures!  So instead we offer you the two movies up top.  :) We try to keep everything we do with her as fun for her as possible.  She's still very much a puppy, and we don't want to push her into anything to hard.  She's a happy girl who loves to play!

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