Friday, March 22, 2013

Teachers Pet

Our Homework for this week is some foundational limb awareness exercises.  That's not exactly what our trainer called it but that is how i understood it.  Basically the idea is to develop Embers ability to maneuver herself thoughtfully and develop her coordination across all four of her legs/limbs.

We are doing this through 'pan work'.  she is to place her two front feet on a slightly raised target (her overturned, empty water bowl  and maintain connection of feet to bowl.  Then we introduced movement and gradually rewarded her for shadowing us until she could fluidly shift her back end to maintain position, while keeping her feet on the pan.  Finally, we have her sit without taking her feet off the pan.  The last exercise is great for helping ember to learn to sit straight down without backing up a few feet first and then sitting down (something she is notorious for at the moment).

An added exercise of teaching her to offer a raised back-end off of a platform rounds out the following video. It didn't take Ember long to really pick this up... and class isn't for a few more days, so we are hoping to further refine her performance on this homework to a point where its even more fluid, obedient  and accurate.  The trainer admitted that she really liked Ember and said that we shouldn't have a tough time of training her to do these things because of her drive and eagerness to learn and deliver.  It also doesn't hurt that she has a near obsessive drive for summer sausage, but she will do the work for lowly biscuits too. :)

Check her out in action!

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